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(Archived) Waiting or never showing "Web Clipping" (Offline) Notes ...


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Premium User !!!

I have a lot of Notes with "Web Clipping" Web Pages to save it.

e.g. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_Hunderassen

With Evernote for Mac NO Problem to save/sync and looking/view this Notes they a visible and available !!

Now I want to use "Evernote for Android", activate all Notes as "Offline Notes" .... sync all Notes, activate "Automatic Sync" every 60 Minutes.

I have just to ALL "Web clipping" notes LEAST wait 5-10 minutes before show or these notes are available ALTHOUGH I enabled these notes as "Offline notes".

Sometimes it works at all, the note is not visible or available.

What do I use this "Offline Notes" feature if it does not work.

I regret it has become a Premium User to be. :(

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