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(Archived) HOWTO: List view in kindle fire?


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On my kindle fire I can only view notes in square. There is no list view. Is this just the way it is or amniotic missing something.

The version on my android phone seems a whole.lot better -much more useful than the tablet version.

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I've already posted on this several times, but this needs to be moved DRASTICALLY up the priority list. There's no reason to make the ANDROID version of Evernote for the tablet use a default view that's different than the exact same ANDROID version on the phone. Evernote's biggest draw to the user is that it's an automatically synching piece of software that operates across both mobile and stationary platforms. Making it look different and operate different from the user perspective on just ONE of those platforms was a really poor design choice.

When this feature is released, I will buy a premium account. I just purchased a tablet SPECIFICALLY to use this app that is almost unusable on it.


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