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(Archived) HOWTO: Export just URLs

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it's possible but you need to write a script. api access isn't actually necessary. I could do such script quickly but it will work only on Windows.

I've no idea how to do this just via client without any coding. I guess, heather suggestion means there might be an option for this somewhere (?)

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You can download the script here http://db.tt/Au8SRqkJ

you need to "save as" this file somewhere. or just copy/paste it to a text editor and save it as .vbs file (not .txt)

the easiest way to use it would be to export all your notes as a single .html file named as "evernote.html" to "C:\" and then run the script. And that'd be it.


(make sure "Source URL" are enabled in export options) 

 You will get all your URLs in a "urlsfinal.txt" which would also be created in "C:\" (root of drive C).

if you want to use different locations then edit the first 2 lines of the script with any text editor and replace the locations. 

Let me know if it works or if you have any issues. 

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May this looks great!

but where do i find those Export Options?

is this located in the local desktop app or web app?

thanks again!

it's in the local desktop client




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