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(Archived) BUG: Problem clipper URLs


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This topic should be used to post clipping problems with the released clippers. New problems with beta clippers should be posted in the beta clipper announcement topic.

Each post should identify:

OS, Browser, and Clipper Versions

URL of source page

Description of Problem

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Tested the first link:


The initial article selection started at the second paragraph (possibly because of the Twitter insert in the article).

I used up arrow twice to include all text and images. That does include some crud which I would normally remove.


Also tested Clearly on the article. That included all the text but excluded the images.

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Yeah, the initial article selection often starts at the second paragraph or in the middle of the main photo below the headline.

I get that layout some of the time. As I've said each time I've mentioned this, I get a few different layout types, none of which matches the actual page. Here are some examples:

Not too bad: https://www.evernote...df61808d657dcb0

Worse: https://www.evernote...095d979c1ed7ee6

Worst: https://www.evernote...1795758cf797fcd

EDIT: Also, my clip of the Zimbabwe article is worse than yours:

https://www.evernote...7a1fe019f92a01c . In addition to the huge space at the top, the photo not in line with the text, and all the text in the wrong size, look at the caption text overlaid over other text

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I suspect the difference in clips is because I have "Clip styling" set to "Preserve styles only for text" and you have "Preserve all styles".

Taking a look at the other urls.

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Looks like the problem must be specific to the Mac environment.

I tested "preserve all" here and took a second look at your clips. They appear to be "preserve styles for text" on closer check.

One other difference is that I am using AdBlock Plus (Beta) extension. Some ads showed up in your clip that were stripped from my clip.

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