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(Archived) HELP: Need to remove Evernote note file from Mac



There is some corruption in a note in my Evernote file. I managed to clean up the file using Evernote Windows so it is now fine. However, although I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, when I run it, it finds my old note file (even though I removed everything from trash), opens that file, and then crashes. I need to remove my note file from my Mac so I can sync to the updated file notes. Anyone know what the file name is and where it is located?


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This sounds like something you should submit a support ticket for. That way they can talk you through how to get any log file information they need or they can look on their end to see what the problem is if it shows up there. We would be hard-pressed to identify the problem note with our (non-)access to your files. :)

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Just to check, though: Did you remove (really, truly delete) everything from Library/Application Support/Evernote? That's where all your data lives.

VERY IMPORTANT ALSO, obvious to some, not to others: Always back up data in another location before deleting lots of important things!

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There is nothing in Library/Application Support/Evernote; in fact the folder is gone (and gone from trash). However, when I reinstall and run it, it somehow pulls up the old notes and then the program closes after about one second after the notes are displayed. Good point on back up. I have it on two different windows machines as well as my android. Just need a clean install, then log in and sync up to the good data. Didn't know I could open a ticket since I'm on the free version.Gordon

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