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(Archived) HELP [Chrome]: Clipper 5.3.1 doesn't acknowledge that I am signed in


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The new chrome webclipper extension refuses to recognize that I am already signed into EN web app like it used to ("synchronizing..."). Now it just comes up with the login fields. I'm not going to log in twice to the same service. Are other people experiencing this too? Is this an intentional new design, that you have to sign in twice?

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As I said in the other thread where you mentioned this, I'm a bit confused. You've tried signing in to the clipper, and you can't? Or you've signed in to the web client and expect to also be logged in to the clipper? The clipper and the web are two separate clients, one existing on a web page and one existing as a browser extension, so it makes sense that they have separate logins, just like it makes sense that the web client and the desktop clients have separate logins. When you say

I'm not going to log in twice to the same service.

Is that out of principal, security fears, or something else?

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