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(Archived) REQUEST [Chrome]: Pick which image clipper stores in note


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It would be nice to save the text, approximate formatting sometimes, and one image. I tend to get a lot of random images stored when I clip article, then the thumbnail ends up being some meaningless F or T logo . I think Amazon wishlist lets you pick which image from the page is stored... something like that would be nice in EN clipper so I can select the most appropriate image to have stored with the note.

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I think that a more general solution would be to be able to do this in the Evernote clients. That way you could do it for any note, not just clips. This has been requested before.

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I agree, jefito. This feature should be in the client app. I'm researching plants and shrubs for my home garden and spending a lot of time at Monrovia.com. When I clip a page for a specific plant to Evernote, the image that shows up in the Evernote preview is always the image at the bottom of the page, which is always some other plant they are promoting. I work around this by inserting a redundant copy of the correct image at the bottom of my note. This puts the correct image in the preview.

It would be a lot more convenient if I could drag the correct image onto the preview image to replace it.

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Yes, I totally agree. It is stupid to have some random picture show up as the thumbnail... could be an ad, or whatever. Evernote is supposed to let you organize your thoughts.... having the correct picture for your thought would only make sense.

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I tend to get a lot of random images stored when I clip article,

It is stupid to have some random picture show up as the thumbnail...

First, just to correct the record, the images selected are not random. (As you can see in that linked thread, I support the request voiced here to be able to select which image is displayed in the note list. I'm not disagreeing with any of the posters above, just correcting the suggestion that the image displayed doesn't follow a rule, since it does—or at least Evernote claims it does and my experience hasn't disproven that.)

Second, I believe the clipper has no control over the images displayed in the other clients, and so this is an issue related to the various clients (desktop, web, mobile). If that's right (if no one corrects that here after some time), I'll lock down this thread, since the request should be directed elsewhere, to the forums about the clients that do select which images are displayed.

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