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(Archived) HELP: Searching Evernote in Finder



Not a question about Evernote, but hopefully some of you Mac users can help me. When I search Finder and try to open Evernote files that it turns up, the following happens:

  • There's a visual swoosh outward from the selected file, as if it's opening
  • The main Evernote window jumps to the front
  • The file doesn't open
  • The file disappears from the Finder search results

Here's an example search of my computer, for "zebra." In the before and after screen shots, you can see that the tried-to-be-opened file (the last of the Evernote files in view) disappears after I try to open it. Now when I search "zebra," even in a new search (closing Finder, etc.) the file doesn't turn up.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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It seems to work the way it's supposed to in Lion 10.7.3. Visual swoosh and then the note is displayed in a separate window in Evernote. Nothing changes in the way the files are displayed in Finder.

But: I can't get search results if I search using the Finder search box. Only when I search from Spotlight itself. The results are displayed normally in Finder if I click "Show All in Finder."

I don't search Evernote this way normally but there seem to be a few quirks when running Evernote searches outside of Evernote itself.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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