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(Archived) Skitch uploaded images, direct url with multiple sizes?


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Love skitch. Using skitch quickly grab a portion of a web page and annotate it is a huge time saver. But using the uploaded image in web forums? Not always easy, more of a multi-step process.

But while it is super easy to capture and annotate, getting the actual .jpg url is a bit of a hassle.

Here is what I typically need to do when posting the resulting .jpg in a forum.

  • Capture image with skitch (easy)
  • Annotate image with skitch (easy)
  • Upload image from skitch (easy)
  • Copy image page link from skitch application. (three steps, should be one)
  • Paste image page in browser. (three steps, should be one)
  • Copy direct image url from browser to clipboard. (three steps, should be one)
  • Finally, able to embed the image url as I need to.

After a share, allow the skitch user to copy the actual image url right from the skitch app rather than the three-step process. Let me grab the image URL directly from the Skitch app...

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The only way to Drag and Drop in a web Browser/Email is to sign up a Microsoft for a LiveID account then in SkyDrive, drag the image into the photograph directory.

Then select it and choose original and drop into the place where you want it see below an example. doesn't work with any cloud based or other Image program such as Flikr and similar.

Should be able to just drag and drop anywhere. Of course Skitch beat others such as SnagIt. They don't even have the Drag feature.


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