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(Archived) HELP [Firefox]: Clipping


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I've been using Evernote for a while but just recently got into using it to clean up everything in life!

I use FireFox, but when clipping web pages, I only get 2 options from the Evernote Add-On (the Full page and the URL) - I believe other Browsers offer a third option (Article).

When I select Full Page, it jumbles up all the HTML, images, text, etc. togetehr and stuffs overlays the text so that it's impossible to separate out what I need.

Other than highlighting ONLY the text I want (but I can't select some text, then one picture, then other text), does anyone have suggestions as to how to make FireFox work with clipped web pages so I capture the page the way it looks?

I updated FireFox and the Add-On.



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Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm a Firefox user too, just upgraded to FF12 via their beta stream, and I can confirm that the clipper and Evernote Clearly are still working. If you haven't installed Clearly, you should do so, because it clears up a lot of the clutter surrounding the main body of text in a web page and presents that text in a more readable format. I clip most of my web pages via Clearly. I was using another FF add-in called Fireshot, which downloads all or part of a web page as a PDF file. sadly the guarantee on Fireshot lapsed sharply with Firefox 12, so I have to wait for an upgrade. If you have an earlier version, you might also want to look at that.

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FWIW, I was initially impressed with Clearly until I discovered it was nothing but an overlay (like a filter) on top of the main page. As a result I've dumped Clearly and gone back to what I used to do, namely either highlight selected paragraphs and paste as plain or rich text, or save the whole page as an MHT file using UnMHT, a Firefox plugin. A better alternative if available is to look for a link to a printable version of the same page, and download that instead.

I'm against bloating up EN with embedded Web pages. Instead, I installed Path Copy Copy, adjusted the options so that Copy Internet Path appeared in Explorer's RH context menu, then when I wanted to look at a web page or any other text file I'd downloaded and stored on my hard drive, I'd use Path Copy Copy to grab its local url (in the form of file://C:/[filepath]), then paste it directly into an EN Note. Thus, instead of appearing in EN, the Web page appears in my browser, with all the added plugins that can take advantage of it.

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Agreed that the mobile or print versions of a web page are often much better to clip than the main page, although you then have the URL to that page and no history in your browser (if you decide to revisit it) to jump back to the 'real' page view.

Although Clearly may be an overlay I don't see that devalues it de-cluttering pages, and as I said I use it for the majority of my clips. There are occasions when it isn't the answer, and then I find something else. Just a personal preference and a way to process the random clips generated by emails and web pages as quickly as possible. And it saves the original URL which is then easy to view if I need to revisit the context or do more research.

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