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(Archived) Snap results in blank window


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I can take a camera shot and that displays ok. When I try and do a screen capture and drag the mouse around the cross hairs do ok - but nothing shows up in the window. An icon appears on the desktop but that's it.

Any help to get the screenshots to appear in Skitch appreciated. Tried obvious stuff like rebooting and so forth.

Platform is iMac with Lion.




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Same problem here. Cam and Safari snaps work, but crosshair, full screen, and frame snaps result in blank snap. I have Mountain Lion (10.7.3) and Skitch 1.0.9 from the Mac App Store.

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I can do cross-hair and fullscreen. But when go to Frame Shift command 7 everything is transparent an you can't get out (usually hitting the esc key will kill something you want to get out of) without shutting down skitch and restarting. :(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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