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(Archived) Web Clipper and Offline Notebooks...Should I have Used PDFs?


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Prior to using Evernote I used Paperport as my digital file cabinet. I moved to EN late last year and I am very pleased, it was certainly an upgrade and allows me to organize, store, and access like never before.

When using Paperport if there was a website that I wanted to save I would print to a pdf but after moving to EN I begin to use the web clipper. I clipped several pages into an offline notebook so I could read the webpages when I was on an airplane via EN on my iPad. As far as I could tell my offline notebooks never worked as expected but now that I have had more time to look into the situation I think I have discovered my problem. Some offline notes work as expected; pdfs, typed notes, etc but those webpages I clipped do not work as expected, they seem to require an internet connection to work.

My question is this; does the web clipper actually save the html, images, etc to EN? It appears that in my case it is just a link to the information and if so it doesn't hold much value for me as anything I am clipping I want to have access to offline or have access to even if the orginal source is deleted.


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