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(Archived) [REQUEST] Widget List Mode with Scroll


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I'd like to make a feature request related to Evernote Widget:

It would be nice to have an option to view related notes in the widget as a list, with the vertical widget scroll feature available in most launchers (and I believe built into the stock ICS launcher) supported. This would allow viewing of more than the 3 notes that are currently visible per-page on the large widget, and quickly allow access to the notes we want right from our homescreens.

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Hi, I am new to Android and to this forum :)

This is great idea!

A lot of Widgets on Android are scrollable (HTC at least).

It woud be great if you could scrool through Evernote widget.

And one more idea.

If You cold make that we could scrool through Notes on Widget, You could add 4x1 Widget that has only one icon - Add Note, and rest would be Notes that we could scroll through.

I guess there are a lot of people that wants to see their tasks, and maybe add new one, without need for search, recording, options...

I am one of them ;)

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