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(Archived) BUG: Evernote constantly correcting "the" to "The"

Des O'Mahony


Hi all,

Evernote 3.0.6 on Lion 10.7.3

In notebooks, it constantly changes "the" to "The" as I type, even in the middle of sentences. There is no autocorrect for that configured in the Mac's System Preferences > Language & Text > Text > text substitutions list, and its really annoying me.

Any ideas on this?

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Definitely not Lion - I have Lion's autocorrect turned off and EN STILL is autocorrecting all of my short hand. It's extremely frustrating. Might be a related issue? I don't know but it's so frustrating, I wish someone could help!!!!

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If you type the does the little bubble with The and an X to cancel show up? If you right click on the does The show up in the popup menu? If so it's something Mac. Those are the only two things that happen to me when I type, for example, 'thier'. Nothing happens for me to move the to The so it's very unlikely to be an Evernote bug.

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