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How I use Evernote and Studyblue with my Son for his GCSE in the UK


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My son and I have started using Evernote for his GCSEs in the UK with great success. We have a system now that is delivering him straight As in the subjects that he is using it in.

All GCSE revision notes are supplied by the BBC site Bitesize and we both use Android phones and he has a Studyblue Flash Card account and Scan Droid on his smartphone.

It goes like this.

I webclip in Chrome the material for his subjects from BBC Bitesize.

He edits them using material he has written down from school.

We both create Flash Cards using Studyblue for that material.

We have agreed on sets of 1 hour each. These are broken up into 40mins editing the Evernotes and creating Flashcards. 10 Mins Flashcard testing and 10 mins break. He does 2 sets per nights and 4 sets each Weekend. He has a countdown of how many sets he has left before the exams making it psychologically more positive as a he ticks off sets done and sees the work diminish and not think that it has to increase as he get's closer to exams.

At the end of each week we go over the balance of "sets" in what subjects that he has done and needs to do. Moves it around his normal school work and then plan the week ahead. He can access all these notes on his mobile and take Flash Card tests whenever and wherever he wants. He "hides" Flash Cards he knows well and slowly reduces down to the most difficult.

He Evernotes questions for the teacher so he doesn't forget and has now started using it to record stuff he wants to save for and stuff that he needs that he then shares with me.

He is now less stressed about school work. He can look up any note he ever needs for school. The teachers now allow him to use his mobile during revision sessions and he takes it in turn with a study partner to test each other on the flash cards.

I can monitor all his work. See weak areas. Have shared notebooks for To Dos and monitor his progress.

We have been using this system along with Mindjet Mindmap apps for 6 weeks now. His grades have improved and we even have a better relationship as there are less miss communications and more support. All this and I live 300 miles away from him and just see him in the holidays. His mother is pleased as she has seen the results.

Thanks Evernote and I know we will be finding new ways to use this in the years ahead.

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