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(Archived) BUG: Weird result from "Clear Format"



It's really annoying that your editor doesn't work well with the text I copy from HTML pages. Yes, it's hard to parse and process. So many editors provide a functionality call "Clear Format" as the fallback solution. However, the Clear Format in evernote mac seems NOT working well. To make it even worse, sometimes, it produces weird result. For example, when I apply Clear Format, some of the lines become bold text!!

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I see this a lot also. It seems like the Evernote action on Menu > Format > Simplify Formatting does NOT do a complete job in some cases. It seems to leave some underlying HTML structure which then behaves strangely.

It helps to provide an example. Here is mine:

  1. Clip using FF Clearly from http://support.micro....com/kb/2702740 of selection starting with the title "Outlook 2011 start error..."
  2. After clipping try to Simplify Formatting on the first line.

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