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(Archived) REQUEST: Note templates and copy function

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First off, is this the correct method to submit feature requests?

I would like the ability to create templates for notes. How I envision this working would be a new option for Template and would create a note from a template. This would keep the standard new note clean and quick. But for those of us that often enter info in a specific format, it would prevent a lot of repetitive typing.

One additional option would be a setting so we could choose if a template would be used with the standard create note functionality. I could see this being useful for third party developers when they want specific formatting, et al.

I have been starting to use my Android tablet to write technical specifications which have about 25 sections I fill in my info. I have been trying to copy-paste in to Evernote on the PC, but I need to muck with formatting and often just leave it until I put the note in to MS Word for comsumption of our team.

A second feature request would be the ability to copy/clone a note without needing to go in to the first note, select all-copy then paste in to a new note. It could be an alternative to having a template option. It could also be an alternative to a version history/restore though not an optimal solution.

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hi. welcome to the forums! this is a great place to make requests. if you search around, you'll also find that others share your interest in having these functions added to evernote. i think they are good ideas :)

until that happens, i wonder if third party apps, applescript (mac), or some other option might be available. hopefully other members can share their knowledge about these options.

an immediate workaround (suggested in another thread), is to create the template and just email it to yourself whenever you need it. copy/paste has never seemed like a big deal to me, but my templates are not very complex, so you might find emailing to be a better solution in your case.

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