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Scan Autosize vs Letter (8.5x11)


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Some of the documents that I scan are smaller than 8.5x11, W-2's for example. I've scanned using my ScanSnap S1500M using the autosize feature, where the scanner detects, crops and outputs the document as a PDF keeping it's original document size. The problem is when printing this special sized document, the document is printed blown up on an 8.5x11 sheet. On my Mac there are some printing features that change the output, so I can do this but it's an extra step. Where as when I scan these smaller sized documents to 8.5x11, the print output is correct without having to make print option adjustments, but a lot of white space exists in the document.

How do you handle scanning documents smaller than 8.5x11?

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I too noticed this and thought how odd. I took the rather large receipt to the store anyway and the store cashier scanned it fine; enabling me to return the items to my debit card. It seems as though this request is odd in that it's a given -- why doesn't the note print at original size? Why should I have to right click (PC) over the note, in the right reading pane, choose "open with" Reader or Acrobat, to print original size on one sheet?

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