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(Archived) REQUEST: Undo or go back a to a sync point

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An issue I came across yesterday was somehow I lost part of my stack structure so a lot of my notebooks were combined into a different stack or just sitting at the root. My Evernote had already sync'ed with the server so I had to manually recreate the stack structure again but being that it was a large amount of stacks I couldn't get everything the way it was previously. It would be nice if there is a warning confirmation message warning if I'm getting rid of a stack or something so I wouldn't accidently do such again in the future or at least an undo feature so I can Ctrl+Z or something to go back or be able to go to the website and go back to a previous sync time to recover the structure or something.

I use my Evernote for my computer certification studies and whenever I come across some information that would be useful for a certification that I'm working on I place it in the corrosponding notebook in the proper stack i.e.

Microsoft Certifications

- Windows 7

- Active Directory

- ect

CompTia Certifications

- A+

- Network+

- ect



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