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Workflow with Appigo Todo and EN


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I've struggled for awhile to get EN to be a task manager. I've looked at TSW and most of the other systems for GTD mentioned here. I don't have a lot of complicated tasks but where I found EN is short on is the iOS app.

What I like about Todo is that when I open it, anything I need to be concerned with is right there, in order of date. I can set alarms and get notifications in the notification center or pop up. It is quick, simple, and will come "find" me when an alarm is triggered. EN for iOS is too bulky, slow because it is usually doing a massive update/download of notes, and doesn't seem to provide the quick execution style of Todo.

Problem with Todo is that is doesn't link to EN in any way. I can't copy and paste Note Links for example.

Yet EN is where I keep all of my useable information. Todo is just the execution center.

So, the question I pose is how do others integrate both into their daily workflow? Any ideas or techniques. What I don't want is duplication of effort.

Thanks for the suggestions-


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I use both Todo and Evernote. I'm not sure what you mean by "integrate both into their daily workflow."

For me, Evernote and Todo serve completely different purposes. Todo tells me what I have to do -- Evernote stores information.

If I wanted to include a pointer to an Evernote note in a Todo item, I suppose I could give my EN note a specific title or tag, and then put that title or tag in the "notes" portion of the Todo item. For specific titles/tags I'm a big fan of date-time, I.e. 20120429153329. (That's year month day hour minute second...it's unlikely that I'll be creating EN notes at a rate of more than one per second.

Perhaps you could give some more examples of what you mean by integration?

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If you want alarms, Evernote is the wrong program to use.

I agree with your comments about iOS problems.

I don't intergrate EN with other programs. I tried TuskTools Calendar, but it was not for me.

Too much manual syncing and swapping back and forth

But if a written reminder will work, then you could just change the EN Created Date to the actual task date.

With the notes sorted by Date, you will see what is coming up.

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Actually, I've decided to transition from Todo to OmniFocus. Todo was just lacking too many features, like start dates and the ability to copy EN note links to tie information with a project. In essence, I've shifted from using EN for actionable items in conjunction with Todo's due date/executable function to treating EN solely as non-actionable (reference only) with OmniFocus as a much more robust action manager which allows links to emails and other notes.



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Erm, this might be of the interest as well, 

we at Apptreme Studio is currently working on a iOS reminder app that alert users based on 2 things: time and/or a location. We will be submitting this for the devcup this year


Example of time-based alerts are a no-brainers - you get alerted when you set the reminder to go off at a certain time. This is useful for a lot of things - to retrieve to-do list notes at the begining of the workday, to remind you which library book are due etc. 


Example of location-based alerts might not be so obvious. Basically, users can be alerted when they enter a region of interested. One good use is pull the grocery list note when you are nearing the supermart or to pull out a list of things you wanted to do during your road trip to a location. 


Upon alerting the user, should the user choose to activate the alert, he/she will be triggered to open the Evernote client where the note would be presented to him. 

I think this is inline with what alot of users wants - the Evernote client provides a set of native, well-bulit editor for amending/viewing your Evernote. 



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Apptreme Studio is happy to announce their latest Evernote Integration!


Are you an Evernote user? I am sure you have encountered the following:
Keep your thoughts in Evernote to only find that you wont be able to get Evernote to auto retrieve it for you? 
Keep your notes in Evernote so that you can retrieve it for tomorrow, only to discover that you forget about it until the note is no longer useful
Input your notes about some location but only to remember about the note after you left the place?
While Evernote has a good and fast search engine inside it, it’s not really big on notification features - it does not pull your notes out and present it to you when you need it and where you want it. 

In fact, making To-Do’s and lists in Evernote is easy – but the hard part is getting them done. Often times, you need to open the app once or twice a day just to be reminded of things you need to do. With ERA, now you can!

Introducing ERA : Evernote Reminder App! ERA is the first of its kind all that allow you to set time-based reminder, location-based reminder or both!

With time-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note of your choosing. It even allow you to create a recurring reminder so that you don't have to update them after the reminder is triggered, let ERA do the heavy lifting for you!

With location-based Evernote reminders, ERA can inform you of a note when you arrive, depart from your location of your choice. Example of good use for this is to have your shopping list pulled out when you reached the super mart or to retrieve your to-do list after you leave the office so that you can tick those task that you have done!

In built into ERA is the powerful search engine of Evernote, get your notes quickly using the search that you grow to love. 

ERA comes with a reminder list of all the Evernote reminders you have created.With this, ERA also doubles as a quick launcher for your evernote notes. The list is also separated the expired reminders from the active ones. This allows you to reschedule the expired Evernote reminders easily as they are filtered out.

So what are you waiting for? Get ERA today!



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First test of ERA on iPhone - one shot reminder 15 minutes later - worked fine. Did I miss something or can't you edit the title of the reminder to tell you what to do? Didn't really want title of email as reminder title. Minor issue if true.

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Excellent. You have a typo's and probably the app needs slightly nicer styling. But I like what you've set out to achieve with ERA - and my test went well.

Do you expect to make it possible to sync between, say, my iPhone and my iPad Mini?

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Hi Martin, glad you like it!

We are working towards a sync between all iOS devices. 

We are also trying to come out with better feel to the app. 

As an Evernote user myself, I faced some difficulties in using Evernote and ERA is the result of one of them. 

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