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(Archived) Evernote to the rescue...once again!

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I recently decided to resurrect an app I used & loved back in the day when Handspring/Palm PDAs were my device of choice & that's now available on iOS. Since I'd archived the email receipt into Evernote (dated 9/25/08), it was VERY easy to find the email receipt & then fill out the form to get a new reg code. All the relevant info was there. Email address I used, name (since I often use a nick name), order number & version number.

Well played, playa, even if I do say so myself. B)

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That is one thing I love about Evernote... as time goes on, and as I become more adept at putting everything in to Evernote, not just the "important stuff", the more brain I will have when trying to remember old stuff. With paper files I'd either have to rent a storage unit or simply couldn't find anything. Just the other day my boss was trying to find something. He was wondering where it was - Hard drive, Google Docs, Evernote, Email, somewhere else. I knew it was in Evernote because I put almost everything there. It's definitely a real life saver - as we gather more and more data in our 21st century data-centric lives it is a true path to managing it all.

And yes, well played, BnF.

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Just curious (as I was a Palm devote back when) what the app is.

Listpro. The downside is that it's still not cloud based. So just like the "olden" days of Palm, you have to sync any changes made on the desktop to your device before leaving the house. However, I'm in the midst of several projects where a more robust list app is going to be more helpful to me than the free, cloud based ones I've been using. I could always get the pay version of one of the cloud based list apps & I may end up doing that, if the sync thing ends up being a big drawback. I just remember how much I loved Listpro & how helpful it was.

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I LOVED Agendus, too!

Well, I ended up bagging Listpro & getting a pro version of Toodledo. (I've used the free version for several years & have a favorite third party iOS app that I prefer over theirs). That whole syncing device to device is a real PITA and so old school. Especially when dealing with multiple devices such as an iPhone (when I'm out & about), iPad (when not in front of my PC) as well as the PC.

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