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(Archived) Crabgrass season - how Evernote helped

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Here in Minnesota, even though we had Freeze Warnings last week, the temperature is starting to rise.

So it's time to buy some Crabgrass killer. I wondered how many bags should I get?


I searched my Evernote for Lawn, and found

1.) my house and lot plan with the number of square feet of lawn


2.) a copy of last year's invoice from the local garden store.

So it's time to head out and buy some bags of preemergent herbicide.

Thanks Evernote

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I love these "you never know what you will need to save until you wish you had saved it" stories. Evernote is killer for this sort of thing. Nice.

I agree with bduncan, that obscure thought or idea you had last week has a funny way of coming back to you, a day or two later. Now where did I put that??.......Evernote. Space is cheep on EN save everything, NO paper in my house! ClutterBGone

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