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I've only been using evernote for about six months and so far love it. I've gotten some excellent ideas on how and what to use it for. One of my uses is to keep my wifes current medications on my tablet, that way when she has to go to a doctor and they want to know what meds she's on I thougt I could just bring up the note and show them. But today, when I really really needed the note, I kept getting an message saying " can't load the note, retry" and I would try several times. I was in a hospttal with no wi-fi or data connections.

So my question is, where are the notes stored on a tablet or cell phone with evernote? Do they only download or load to the cell phone or tablet when you try to open them? and since I didn't have a connection they couldn't load? or does anyone know whey I was getting the message " can't load note, retry?

Thanks for any help.


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You need to:

- Be a premium user and

- Mark a notebook for offline use

to have guaranteed access to a note on a mobile device.

Thanks Owyn, I am a premium user at this time, how would I go about changing a specific notebook back to offline use?

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