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Feature request: timestamp individual lines in a note


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I would like to use Evernote to take minutes at a meeting, with the date and time of each new line automatically recorded ("new line" starts when I press Enter). I've searched the KB and this forum and have not found a way to do this. Is it something I missed? If not, please consider adding it to the various clients in the future. This would be some sort of option I'd select in a note, not on by default.

What I envision is something like this:

2012-04-17 16:21 Meeting was opened

2012-04-17 16:30 Motion to adjourn


If one wanted to be fancy the format of the date-time could be changed to suit the preferences of the user. Thanks.

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This could be achieved with something like autohotkey, and a hotkey.

~Enter::Send, ^;

That should be all you really need, but you could add to it...having conditions/toggles etc.

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Hello! I am looking for how to do a timestamp on a Macintosh / iOS setup. . . .Any help?


Hi JBS, welcome to the forum :)

According to the Knowledgebase, the keyboards shortcut on the mac for this is:

⌘ ⇧ D Insert Date at Cursor

⌘ ⇧ ⌥ D Insert Time at Cursor

I am not sure if there is a way to do this on iOS.


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Can you just add a button in the editor


I'm sure they could.  Whether they choose to or not is a different story.  However, you could always use a text expander app such as AutoHotkey (free) or Activewords (free for 30 or less "definitions", payware for more).

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