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Feature Request: manually insert page breaks for printing



When printing notes more than one page long, it would come in handy to be able to insert page breaks manually, to prevent the driver to break undesired paragraphs and the like. A "remove all manual page breaks" would be a nice companion as well.

Keep the good job!

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I'll add my vote for the ability to create page breaks and/or an option to not allow tables to break across pages when printed.

I'd also like to see the ability to print a portion of a note. We keep the bottom portion of our notes "for internal use only" but would like to be able to print the note for clients without including the bottom section.

We already love Evernote but my boss is looking at other options because of these shortcomings. I want to be able to keep using Evernote across our organization. Please help me do that.


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Yes, manual page breaks please!  I'm new to Evernote and it seems like a lot of people across the web are requesting this.  


I want it because I'm using Evernote as a recipe book and I want to add pictures of my food to each recipe, but I don't want to have to print the picture every time I print out the recipe (wastes a lot of ink and paper).  Yeah, I could copy the text part into another editor and do it, but that's lame sauce.  


Edit: I'm using the Mac and iPhone versions

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Please add this option. Evernote has allowed me to be nearly entirely paperless. Unfortunately, some people still need to see a piece of paper in front of them to understand an idea. Those people do not want to tape 2 pieces of paper together to see the entire photo.

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