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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to edit the subject field for a shared notebook email reminder



When I want to send a notice that I have updated a shared notebook the email that is send is misleading and confusing. The subject cannot be customized, and the body of the email has too much boilerplate text before my personal message. The people I am notifying tell me that they routinely ignore the messages because they look like they are reminding them to visit the notebook for the first time.

The only other option is to use the system to create an email in my mail client addressed to all of the recipients, but doesn't provide their individual shared link.

As a workaround, I end up sharing each new note separately. At least then the notice they receive is appropriate and the subject and body are completely customizable. But this creates a mess and does not refer them to the notebook we are sharing. Also, I have to paste in the email addresses I am sending to rather than having the convenience of generating a message to those in the share.

Because of this weak implementation of notifications I am having a hard time getting my company to consider using Evernote.

Please tell me if I am missing something. Otherwise please make this more robust.

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