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(Archived) HOWTO: What is the Best Way To Clip to Evernote from this User Group?


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What way do you find it best to web clip (to your Evernote app) selections in threads in this User Group?

I'm running EN Mac 3.0.7 Beta 5, and for a long time now I still have not found a completely satisfactory way to clip a selection out of a thread into EN Mac.

In fact, of all of the web sites that I clip, the clips from this UG are the most problematic.

By that I mean that it takes a lot of manual clean-up after I make the clip.

I suspect most of the problem comes from how the HTML is coded for this UG, although some issues may arise from the specific web clipper (FF or Chrome) and how EN Mac displays the result.

IAC, I am trying to find a practical solution that works with the existing forum code and clippers.

Maybe in the mid-long term there is something that Evernote can do with both to make the clips work better.

But for now, I just want to make it work as best as possible with what I have. ;)

Using EN Mac, here are the options I see for clipping:

(in order of my preference)

  1. Copy selection, then "Paste to Evernote" using the EN global shortcut key

    1. This auto creates a new Note and then pastes clipboard into it
    2. It sets the Note Title to the Page Title
    3. It does NOT set the Source URL field <=== so I have to set manually every time
    4. But it makes the cleanest clip I have been able to obtain
    5. It retains my EN default font as the base font for the clip
    6. But it allows "enhanced" formatting like bold, underline etc to come from the web page
    7. It allows text and tables to autosize width so that the text will word-wrap to the EN window size in all EN clients <==== this is very important to me
    8. But I still have to manually delete all of the undesired text/graphics after the posters UG name and the posted date/time <== this is my biggest complaint about clipping from this UG
    9. No matter how I select the text to copy, it NEVER includes the post# link on the far right of the top of the post. <== this would be very valuable to have so that you can go directly to the post from your EN Note.
    10. FireFox Evernote Clipper -- Clip to Cloud
      1. Allows user to enter/select NB, Tags, and add Comments BEFORE the clip is sent to Evernote Cloud <=== best feature of this method
      2. Note Title and Source URL are set from the web page
      3. Very inefficient use of Note Content space, which comes directly from the UG thread format/layout
      4. Clipped as a table with a lot a wasted space in the first column which mostly has undesired images/icons/text
      5. Right column is post contents, but with a very wide, fixed-width column that generally prevents reading of the post unless you maximize the Evernote Window. Results in very poor formatting on iPhone/iPad.
      6. Clean-up in the EN Note panel is very difficult since deleting text or changing text size results in unpredictable, unexpected, results

[*]FireFox Evernote Clipper -- Clip to Local EN App

  1. This is generally the same as #2 -- has all the same problems
  2. Except that you cannot add Comments to the top of the Note

[*]Chrome Evernote Clipper -- Clip to Cloud

  1. I haven't used this in a while, but it is about the same as #2

[*]Safari Evernote Clipper -- Clip to Cloud

  1. I don't use Safari for a variety of other reasons not related to Evernote, so this is not an option for me

I use #1, Paste to Evernote, mostly.

The main thing missing is 1.3 Set Source URL.

In all cases, my selection is from the immediate left of the posters UG name to the last actual line of the last post (that I want to include), excluding the signature. If there is a better way, please let me know.

All of the methods require significant manual clean-up due to how this UG forum HTML is coded.

Unless the wizards at Evernote can figure out how to do a clean clip that eliminates the problem. :D

So, what do you guys find works best for you?

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