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Copy Note: Suggestion re. destination


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For those of us who work within several notebooks, it would really be helpful if "This notebook" could be a default option for the destination of a copied note (right click on note, Copy Note, Notebook). Or at least placed above the "Notebook [select]" option.

I often make a copy of a note in order to separate the content into more than one note, e.g. still actionable to archival. I'd like to have them side by side, but at this point I need to manually select the notebook I'm working in, to enable the two notes to be visible. I find the Copy option great to preserve the tags.

Regarding "Move note" I don't use that as often given the many ways EN offers to move a note... but likewise, it would be nice if one's default notebook were automatically part of the destination options.


Lena, running 238126 prerelease

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I agree that having "this notebook" as an always-there destination would be a very useful feature.  I often copy notes using the Evernote windows application by right-clicking and selecting Copy Note.  I also find it helpful when the list is populated with recently used notebooks, but those are unfortunately cleared when the application is closed and relaunched.

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Recently used notebooks have been added to the most recent Windows betas in a couple of places. This might be another place where they fit in, though the current dialog-based UI is different from the menu-based UIs where this was added.

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