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(Archived) REQUEST: Allow any application URI in Format->Link->Add...



As an example, I'd like to add a link to an OmniFocus project in an Evernote. When I paste the OminFocus project link in the link dialog, Evernote does not allow me to save the link (OK is disabled.) My assumption is that links are restricted to Web URLs and evernote links, or possibly that OmniFocus is not properly registering the omnifocus URI (but it does work in Safari and TextEdit).

FWIW - If I create the link in TextEdit and paste it into a Note, the link works, but I still can't edit the link as the "OK" button on the edit dialog is disabled.

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What would happen when you click the link on your phone or on the web?

It would crash and take the ISS down :-)

No, seriously: it would do nothing. It's a nice feature, useful to advanced Mac users.

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