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(Archived) HELP: New here, lost!

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I am new here. I would like to know if I can lose all the notes I have recorded in Evernote if for example I have problems with my laptop. Am I able to see them in other computers? Thank you for your help

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Evernote is multi platform & can/will download notes from the EN servers to your Mac/Windows/mobile device. If you delete any notes from a client & sync (or from the web client, which deals strictly with the EN servers), yes you can lose those notes. But as long as they had been sync'd before deleting, they will be in the trash. It's best to make your own backups of your database that resides on your Mac or Windows client. Please search the board if you need more information. I also suggest you experiment with Evernote between devices, so you can get a better feel for how Evernote works.

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What BNF said. I think the basic answer to your question is yes, as soon as you sync your data from your computer to the web, it will be available on the web (through evernote.com) and on any other devices you sync to your account. Just to add/emphasize a few things:

—Before you put all your most precious memories and important documents in Evernote and trash physical records of things, it's best to use the program for a few months with things that aren't so incredibly valuable. See how it works, whether you're confident that you won't lose or accidentally delete things, and how you can safely move things to the trash, recover them, etc.

—Do backups. As you do with any other important information, back up your Evernote database regularly to prevent from losing important data if something happens to your Evernote database. If you have backups, you can accidentally delete all your data, Evernote can completely disappear, or hackers can get into your account and steal everything, and you'll still have the data somewhere else.

—Delete carefully. I've seen a couple posters here on the forum say things along the lines of, "I deleted a whole notebook without realizing I was really, truly deleting a whole notebook. How do I get it back?" When other users say, "Uh, sorry, it's gone," the users have said, "But Evernote didn't warn me I was actually deleting everything for good!" That's not true: If you're truly deleting things forever (not just moving to the trash) there's always at least one pop-up asking you whether you're sure you want to delete the contents 100 percent. If you don't click "Yes" recklessly at that point, you shouldn't ever "accidentally" lose data.

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I think that if my laptop doesn't work anymore, I can see my notes in my PC after having sinchronized them and having created an account of Evernote in it. Is that right?

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Let's say you make some notes on your laptop today, then hit sync on that computer or let it auto-sync (see Preferences, or whatever it's called on Windows, to set that). Your notes are now saved both on your laptop hard drive and on Evernote's servers, so you can also access your notes by signing in to evernote.com.

At that point, as soon as you sync any other device you own (and to which you have signed into your Evernote account), it will update itself by collecting all your data that currently exists on Evernote servers, making a copy on your computer and making all of that accesible on that computer's hard drive.

So then, if your laptop catches fire, your notes are saved in two places: Evernote servers (again, accesible at evernote.com) and on your PC. If you drop your PC out the window the next day, your data will now be saved in one place: Evernote servers. If you decide to buy a new computer at that point, you just need to download Evernote, sign in to your account, and sync. All your data will then be on the new computer.

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