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(Archived) HOWTO: Marking notes "complete"

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Is there a way to mark notes complete? I realize that I can tag them with a complete status and I created a notebook "complete", but I am wondering if I am just missing something like a status flag?

I am new to EN and just trying to find my way around. Thanks for your help!!

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Thanks so much for the quick reply BNF!! I did see the checkbox, but if I use that for To Dos/Action items, I can never get the completed ones out of the way. But good to know I wasn't just missing something easy... :)

If EN developers are watching... it would be a great enhancement request. I am loving EN so far and it's the only thing that I have found a little quirky.

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If you use one to-do checkbox per note, you can easily filter completed items from your note list. Just add 'todo:false' to your current search, and that will return only notes with an unchecked to-do checkbox. From the Knowledge Base article here: https://support.ever...earch-operators:


Finds notes containing one or more checkboxes.

todo:true will return all notes containing a checkbox that is checked. todo:false will find notes containing a checkbox that is
checked. todo:* will return notes containing a checkbox, regardless of whether or not it is checked.
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Welcome to the forums, Jersey Girl. One question about:

If EN developers are watching... it would be a great enhancement request. I am loving EN so far and it's the only thing that I have found a little quirky.

Can you be more clear about what you're looking for? Evernote already provides you with todo boxes, tags, and notebooks to categorize notes however you want, including "Complete." What additional feature would provide what you're looking for (that current features don't offer), and how do you imagine it? Or does the "todo:false" search do what you want?

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I think that she's asking for a new 'Status' field in the Evernote schema. Dunno how likely it'd be, since there are already ways to accomplish much the same thing (to-do checkboxes, tags, etc.). I tend to use a '_Todo' tag for that, myself.

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Never going to happen......

To put that comment in a little more context, since you're new, Jersey Girl, Evernote has been promising a Due Date field for at least two years, and it's not here yet in any client. So if the company were to announce plans for a Status field—which won't happen anytime soon, since this idea has not been widely requested or yet endorsed by Evernote—you could expect it to be implemented maybe three years later. Or maybe four? I dunno, since the Due Date field isn't here yet and we have no idea when it's actually coming.

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One approach is to use a set of Tags for tracking status, and put them in a Tag hierarchy:

  • Status
    • ST.Open
    • ST.Closed
    • ST.Canceled
    • ST.Ordered
    • ST.Received
    • etc

This effectively allow you to create your own Status "field" using Tags.

When you at assigning Tags to a Note, if you type "ST." it will display a dropdown list of all of the tags starting with "ST."

When the real world status changes, edit the Note, delete the existing Status tag, and add the appropriate status tag.

You can then quickly filter your Notes for the desired Status using either the Search block or the Tag filter on the Favorites bar.

If you want all Notes that are not "Closed", then search using "-tag:ST.Closed tag:ST.*"

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