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(Archived) REQUEST: Securing notebooks

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I was thinking as an additional security feature of Evernote if it would be possible to set a notebook up so that you are required to enter your password in again to access it.

I thought of this because when someone else is using your computer or mobile device and you have Evernote set to auto sign in they effectively have access to everything on there, personally I don't store any sensitive data in Evernote but it would be nice to have some notes which aren't exactly important but I'd prefer not to have anyone gain access to a bit more hidden. Also if my phone got stolen this could also be an issue as to my knowledge there isn't a method of securing it, I do have a PIN set on my phone but as all the Evernote data is stored on the phones member unencrypted I'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard to get the data from it.

Also is this the right place to be placing feature requests?

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Also is this the right place to be placing feature requests?


You should check out the Search feature (top right) to see some of the previous discussion points on this subject.

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Yes, this is the right place to add feature requests.

No, there's no way to secure a single notebook (or even a note). Depending on the client, you are expected to secure your computer, which should take care of the Evernote problem (e.g. on Windows, you can make accounts for other users, or have a guest account). For mobile clients, the Android client gives the ability for premium users to to set a PIN on your Evernote client. I'm not sure about other mobile clients.

There is plenty of discussion on topics like this and similar ones elsewhere on the forum.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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