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(Archived) Clipper (in)consistency


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I love Evernote but am regularly frustrated by the inconsistency between the different browser clippers functionality. I work with different browsers, primarily due to not having Flash installed system-wide on a MacBook Air (re. battery life). Clipping using the Chrome clipper, vs. Safari, vs. FF, vs. the bookmark clipper (iOS) all react somewhat differently.

As an example, when adding tags with the safari web clipper, hitting Return files the clip rather than registering the tag, while in Chrome, adding a tag and hitting Return registers the tag and another can then be added, which is the same way the bookmark clipper reacts. Consistency would be far less frustrating, as habit and muscle memory typically result in filing clips before properly categorized, which in turn leads to having to open Evernote and clean up the clip later.

It would be far more useful and productive if all the clipping methods followed the same protocol.


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