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HOWTO: Change a table's line colour and background

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This is not currently possible.

One workaround is to create the table in another app (like MS Word), copy the table (note the file) from Word and paste into the Evernote note.

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When I need to reformat, I copy/past into Office, and then copy/paste it back.

[Add: Also, if you needed to do some regular formatting for a report, you could export the notes to an .enex file (which is just xml), and you could add css styles and view in a browser)

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I'd also like to add my voice to more table based features:

  • Better default table look, more padding, lighter greys. The harsh lines are old school and make my notes hard to look at.
  • Ability to define header row or column, with sorting features. This would be great for to do lists and pseudo spreadsheets (so I could stop using Google Docs all together!)
  • Please make it easier to work with tables in general... adding columns and rows, pasting in existing tabular content, nicer interaction for creating a table, etc. Atlassian's Confluence does a great job with tables in a WYSIWYG environment.
  • Color coding cells could be nice too. Especially logic based (if cell contains "string", color red)
  • Another nice to have might be auto-numbering, or ability to fill a column with checkboxes.
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but it was left incomplete and it appears in Google results. LocalSystem mentioned being able to do what the OP was asking for but didn't give an explanation. Now, in the Mac App at least, right-clicking inside a table and selecting "Tables->Table Properties" gives options for changing the line color and background. It is also accessible if the cursor is within a table and you go through the toolbar at the top of the screen "Format->Tables->Table Properties."

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On 5/9/2016 at 3:31 PM, strwrsdbz said:

Now, in the Mac App at least, right-clicking inside a table and selecting "Tables->Table Properties" gives options for changing the line color and background.

Unfortunately we Windows users (87% of the market share) haven't received the same attention...  :-(

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Another way to do it in (August 2019) is to go to "Format" / Tables > / Table Properties / Cell Background Color" and choose the desired colour from there.

Then click OK and you're done.

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I'm on a mac, but I am using the legacy version of evernote, because I didn't like some of the new functionality that recently was added. So, with that said, I had somehow changed the color of some cell borders, but now I can't change them back. That Format > Table > Table Properties has no effect.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 5.09.42 PM.png

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