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(Archived) Number of files on SD Card


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On my PC, Evernote stores its data in about 40 files across 6 folders, with most of the data in a file with an .exb extension.

On my Android devices, Evernote uses over 13000 folders on the SDcard containing about 9500 files.

It looks as though there's a separate folder and .enml file for every single note.

This seems way out of line, compared both to the Windows version and other applications.

Is there any way to cut this down, short of deleting my Evernote content?

I tried disabling offline searching, but that had no effect on the number of files.

Any suggestions?

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I don't have any offline notebooks. [Help says that's a premium-only feature, and I'm a free user]

[No local notebooks, either. I'm counting on Evernote's cloud as protection from local data loss.]

What I really want are online-only notebooks,

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