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(Archived) HELP: Evernote deleting notebooks automatically



I am a teacher and have been implementing Evernote in my Grade 8 classroom with a great deal of success.

However - one of my students, has had all of her notes and notebooks automatically delete and disapear. They do not show up in the Trash.

We have tried a different account and the same problem occurs.

I have watched as the notebooks are reduced with each successive synch until it drops to zero notes.

This has happened on both Macbook Pros - new OS and iPad 2.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I hope you've heard from Support so won't need this - and please understand the tech guys are in a far better place to look at the account and see what might have happened than anyone here - but it seems to me there are three ways this could happen.

  1. your student might have inadvertently deleted the notebooks on another client, or via the web, and what you're seeing is the local computer catching up with the synced deletions.
  2. s/he might have been pranked - someone else has the login details and is making changes via the web client or
  3. Evernote has thrown a fit and in some weird way is generating phantom deletions.

If you shut down any wi-fi connection to the laptop, or turned it off after the deletions showed up, there may be some detail left on the server. Have a look via the web client to see if any of the lost information is there. If so, use Revo uninstaller to uninstall and reinstall Evernote on the local machine and wait for the sync to put the historical information back.

Or, if you have a backup of the data, try restoring the database file from backup.

You could definitely use this experience as a trigger to teach the class about the need for backups, and to keep a daily contingency copy of the database!

Don't know whether any of that will help, but do let us know what the outcome is eventually - I'm intrigued..

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