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(Archived) BUG [Chrome 18.0.1025.152]: Clipper not working: Stuck on "Uploading unsaved clips"

Tony Silvia

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I'm having trouble with the Chrome web clipper extension. It suddenly stopped syncing a few days ago. I can click the button, save the page or article, but after that the little yellow square with the number stays there. When I hover my mouse over the icon it says "Uploading Unsaved Clips" but they never make it to the web or desktop versions of evernote. I've seen post in the forums about this issue for Firefox but I couldn't find one for Chrome. How can I get my productivity back?

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I need some more details on your setup so we can try to reproduce it.

- OS version

- Browser version

- Clipper version

- If the issue happens on a particular URL or all URLs?

- Detailed description of what you see when you click the Web Clipper button.

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I am having the same issue.

My OP system is Windows 7.

My browser version is Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 m.

My clipper version is 5.7.

The issue happens on ALL URLs.

When I attempt to clip I see a note that says clipping but it does not complete.

I can save URLS but not selection, article or full page.

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