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(Archived) REQUEST: Multi-note “stack” view [OUTDATED—IMPLEMENTED]



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Evernote doesn't generally release feature timeframe information. It's now on two clients, Web and Windows (but that's in beta) so I expect it will come to the Mac, though, but no guesses as to how soon. Be forewarned that not everyone loves this (though that may not matter, as Evernote seems intent on adding it). I think it's fine, though.

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I’ve just discovered Evernote Windows Multi-Note selection feature and was wondering when it was coming to the Mac…

This feature in EN Win doesn't really add any new capability.

All you need to do ( in both EN Win and EN Mac) after you select the Notes is to right-click on the Note selection.

You will then see a context menu providing all options/tasks that can be performed on the selection.

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The EN Win new UI for "add tags" is horrible.

In EN Mac, you can drag n drop a tag onto your Note selection to add that tag to all notes selected.

The EN Win "Assign Tags..." dialog, which is available via right-click or CTRL+ALT+T, is much, much better for assigning, and unassigning, tags to one or more Notes.

What EN Mac needs is the "Assign Tags..." dialog.

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