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(Archived) REQUEST: Better note linking



The ability to link notes and create URLs in Evernote is great, and I use it all the time to create external links into Evernote, and (even more often) cross-reference notes within Evernote.

That said, the implementation IS incredibly clumsy to use. When I want to create a cross-reference in EN, here's what I have to do:

  1. Locate the destination note, double-click on the note title and choose Edit > Copy (or Cmd+C) to get the note title.
  2. Go back to note being written, and use Edit > Paste to paste in the note title.
  3. Go back to the destination note again, right-click on the note and choose "Copy Note Link".
  4. Go back to the note being written, select the pasted note title (from step 2), right-click on it and choose "Link > Add..."
  5. In the sheet that appears, choose Edit > Paste (or Cmd+V) to paste the note URL.
  6. Click OK to create the link.

This is all something of a time-sink. What about a couple of new features to short-cut this?

First, in the "Link" sub-menu, in addition to the "Add..." and "Remove" commands, how about an "Add From Clipboard" command to just go ahead and use the clipboard for the URL source? This would collapse the last three steps above into one.

Even better, what about a "Link > Paste From Clipboard" command that, in one step, pasted the note title and turned the newly pasted text it into a link to that note. Of course, EN would have to embed the note title into the URL when it was created with "Copy Note Link", but this shouldn't be hard to do (just add something like ?title="xxx" to the URL). If this feature was added, the above cumbersome operation would simplify to:

  1. Locate the destination note, right-click on the note and choose "Copy Note Link"
  2. Go back to the note being written, choose an insertion point, right-click and choose "Link > Paste From Clipboard".

Anyone else think this would be a useful addition to EN?


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You can just

  1. Locate the note you want to link to. Right click on its name in the note list; click "Copy Note Link."
  2. Locate the destination note. Command+V to paste.

This still isn't the fastest process in the world, but it's a lot faster than what you're currently doing. Does this work for you?

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What I do is to open the note I'm working on in a new window, find the note I wish to link to, and drag it to the destination note. Done!

I use note links most days and find this, and the method mentioned by peterfmartin, to be the fastest.

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How big is your screen? I work on a 13" screen with the Evernote window maximized, so to do that method I have to:

  1. Locate the destination noteI want to link to; double click it to open it in new window.
  2. Make the main Evernote window smaller or move it so part is out of view (leaving screen space for the destination note).
  3. Drag the note I want to link to into the destination note (in the new, smaller note window).
  4. Close the destination note window; move the main Evernote window back into place.

Occasionally I work with a bigger, second screen. When I do that, your method may work faster, so thanks for mentioning it.

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