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(Archived) REQUEST: Change emailed note format



I do a fair amount of note taking/tracking in Evernote which I then forward to interested parties/clients via the Share: Email Note... feature.

However, I would like to change some of the format/content that is added to the note at time of email. For example,


Sent from Steve's Evernote

Note Title

Date Modified

Notebook Name


What's in the note itself - this would remain unchanged


A standardized signature type string

I can't see where this might work or if it can. I did find a file called Export.htm that looks like it would work but wanted to see if there was a different approach.

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Finally got time to look into this. I could only find one conversation that I remember, and it's not exactly what you're talking about, but they're related. Bottom line is, since at least December 2008 Evernote has known users would like some ability to change the presentation of emailed notes, and so far they haven't delivered. That said, it could come in the future, and it certainly doesn't hurt to keep asking.

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