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(Archived) HOWTO: Share a notebook

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Hi All, I am kinda new to evernote; still I know most of the features.

I would like to share a notebook with an evernote user, not just by email.

Is there a way to do this ? like sending the sharing link to the same email address he did sign up for evernote with ?

or what to do ?

I am using Evernote Free Service, so i know it will be View only access.

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Hi RiddleR, welcome to the forum :)

When you share a notebook, an email is sent to the person with a link to the notebook. Once they have opened it, there is the option to Link the notebook to their account.

Once this is done, they can see the notebook in the shared panel within Evernote.

Knowledgebase article on the subject:



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email was sent, email opened by reciepient, notebook opened via window. but nowhere is there a option to link notebook to their account. I am looking at it as i type, nothing like the tutorial video, no gray bar with options. only green bar with Trunk, invite a friend etc and the notebook.

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Hi inspector, welcome to the forums :)

The shared notebook view has changed a little recently. Now the view when you look at the shared notebook has a bar on the left, with a green button to "Join Notebook"

You need to use this button to link it to your account.



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Hi there,

I've had EN for a while, am a premium user now, but really am a newbie. I created a notebook (with nothing in it yet) to share with my family. I sent invitations to all of them (none have EN). I chose not to have them log in to access the notebook to make it easy for them.

3 questions:

  • How can I tell if they have accepted the invitation?
  • Why there a check mark under login, next to all of the invitations when I chose no login.
  • why is this shared folder not showing up under my shared folders?

Thank you! :D

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Having to search my account notebooks separately from my shared notebooks (no global search??) makes EN useless. The only way my wife and I could work this out was for her to drop her premium account and share mine. I wish we had realized this limitation BEFORE moving almost a thousand items into EN.

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