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(Archived) (Archived) Feature Requests: Ability to turn off new features


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A couple of new features are messing up my work flow. The speech to text feature is a nice idea. However, it crashes my evernote completely to the point where the only way to stop it is to reboot my android device, which is a major pain. The text it comes up with right before it crashes is also completely incoherent. FYI I have no particular regional accent and speak pretty clear american english. When I try to select the audio only button, I can never get the pressing to work. A lot of times I'm doing this while driving, so it's a major hassle. I need to turn that feature off completely.

Previously you defaulted audio notes according to Calendar appointments. Again, nice idea, but my calendar items have nothing to do with my audio notes. Please allow me to revert to the date and time entry.

You've also added new icons to the edit note screen. This pushed my audio note button back so I have to dig for it every time. Here one would want to be able to order those buttons (or have them automatically reorder according to frequency of use).

I know there is a hesitation to add a million customizations to the settings menus, but it would really help to keep my product usable rather than a moving target.

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