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(Archived) REQUEST: "Text index" feature for audio notes



I hope this features on new update

1. Text Indexible Audio Recording

Have you ever playback all through the audio file in EverNote?

If the recorded audio file was so big, you might have been in trouble finding exact place you want to listen.

I'd like to suggest a way to index recorded sound memo without dragging or rubbing your thumb.

I saw a possible way in stunning app 'AudioNote', an app for iPad.

In that app, the TC(time code) is written while you type text on note; you can find easily where you want to listen just tapping TC on note.

(check Attached image)

EverNote needs this useful function. I'm on my soapbox~

2. Thumbnail View

We have kind of List Type : List view, Preview and Snippet view

But when to take note on mobile or just when to read only to get some idea,

those views of list types are not so quite beautiful.

Thumbnail view will inspires us with its rectangle shape which have title,text sum ups.

It is not same with Preview type. Preview type show us images only.

I think these two features are reasonable demand for premium user.


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I'm also searching for an audio recording app that's linked to Evernote that also keeps the timecode of when you took the note. I'm using Audionote right now, but I don't like that it's in a separate app all on its own. I'd like it to be integrated with all my other notes.

Does anyone know of an app that does this?

Evernote, are there an plans in the future for this?

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