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(Archived) Evernote Button in Skitch


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There's a big honking Evernote elephant button in Skitch, and I keep clicking on it like I do for the button in Clearly to send an image to Evernote. However, it just opens the Evernote preferences. This makes no sense, since the preference gear button is also on top.

What I'm supposed to do is click on the generic "Share" button in the lower-right.

I'd like to request that the Elephant button shares to Evernote no matter what my Share button is set to.

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I also got confused by what to do with the Evernote button and the share button.

I'm a premium sub (no skitch cloud account)

I hit share thinking it would give me an option to choose the destination but it started uploading it to the cloud (the skitch one)

I was reluctant to use 'Share' because it seemed like it was going to make the file public on some cloud service, not what I wanted.

I went into the share tab and deleted the file.

Then I tried the Evernote button and it takes me to the preferneces and it has a generic 'name' field, as if it is going to publish ('share'/make public) my file again, this time via Evernote.

I think the use of the word share is innacurate - I'm not sharing, I simply want to send/save my file to my Evernote account - privately - you dont share with yourself.

(I know iMove and similar use the term 'share' but that's a bit more in context - duplicating content)

I'm all for Evernote integration, it needs to be clearly defined from the public sharing features.

A "Save To Evernote" in the file menu would be needed also.


(I also use Skitch on the iPad and it just 'saves' to Evernote, I think this is why I got confused with the OSX workflow)

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^^^^ We definitely have plans underway to rectify some of the inconsistencies with sharing between the two apps--what you point out above is one of the changes on the docket. Thanks for the feedback!

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When I click the evernote button it only posts an evernote note if the file is in a picture format (jpg, png) but when I want to add a note using .skitch or .pdf, I get a share link to copy, but there will not be a note added to Evernote.

I would really like to share .skitch files on evernote, so I can edit these files later on again on other macs.

Kind regards,


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