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(Archived) Request for alarm

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As a "convert" from a notes taking thingie called sticky notes (man, what a chaos on my desk!) I'm more than happy with evernote.

I'm missing just one little feature from those days, that is: set an alarm to notes.

I often collect some information for a single task that is due at a specific date (and time).

At this due date / time, it would be great to see this note pop up (out of band) - giving me the chance to see my information at the right time and

giving me the option to either drop that alarm attribute from the note, set a new alarm or delete the entire note, because from now on this information has no value anymore.

It's clear to me that EN is not a calendar program and I can use Outlook / Google Calendar or whatever for it,

but I think it would be worthwhile to have the information easily and directly associated to the reminders.

Thanks, Matthias

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