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(Archived) Search by Tag not working in latest release


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Just to see whether it is just me or the latest release - since i updated to the latest release today - when i try to search notes by tag it shows me all notes.

Is anyone else havign this issue?


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Hi Ken,

Seems it is not just you. Search doesn't seem to be working at all in the latest build (237037)

It is marked as a prerelease as well for some reason...

Also reported here:


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Search is completely broken for me as well. I have found a work-around: if you enable "search Evernote" in your Google Search options or device-search options, it will still search all your notes, but it will also bring up Google results and any other results you may have. I would do this until they fix it.

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Thanks everyone for reporting, we're aware and have filed a bug for this (both tag and general search) and are working on it. Thanks to everyone who's reported! (Ed: Stop repeating yourself!)

UPDATE: Being told this should be fixed in 3.6.2.

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Search on android totally off line, Thought I was going nuts when I couldn't get it to work when trying to show some one how good evernote is/was.

Is! Is! :)

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Thanks a lot for fixing the search this fast

You guys are THE BEST!

Got here before I could. Glad we were able to get that out fast. I'd say search is pretty important, wouldn't you? ;)

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