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(Archived) 4/2 - Networking problems preventing logins

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If you've experienced any issues (or general funkiness) with sharing or logging in today, there were some brief interruptions caused by an incident with our firewall and/or load balancer this morning that prevented access to the service for a few minutes.

http://status.evernote.com/ is updated with this info, and we believe that the service is fully restored now.

We’re still investigating some other random stuff that’s been happening overnight because of this, so if anyone is still experiencing issues, let us know here.

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The forum side seems OK now, but I am seeing a very sluggish synchronization process on the Windows Evernote client side.

Current status is:


Synchronization failed.
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This probably explains the sync problem:

Apr 2, 2012 (9:05 am PT)

Emergency maintenance this morning 09:05 PDT

We need to take the service offline for a few minutes to address an issue on one of our central database systems. We don’t expect this to take too long; we will be back as quickly as we can in a safe manner.
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Hey Folks! Having issues sending email to Evernote account as well.. Are these two possibly related :)


Thanks clustermagnet, we're checking into those as well. Similar to additional user reports on email issues from the emergency maintenance:

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Email gateway servers should be humming again--they were impacted by this morning's emergency maintenance. We're monitoring the backlog, it's getting whittled down as we speak so you should eventually see your emails come through. Let us know if you don't.

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