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(Archived) Color problems when pasting to Evernote


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I've been using EN quite a while. Sometimes it drives me crazy, please help resolve the problem.

Issue: when I'm copying formatted and colored text from any html page or from Word, Visual Studio to Evernote, sometimes Evernote pasting the text and it has all original colors in it, sometimes I just can't do it.

For example: today I've copied some code from Visual Studio to Evernote and I got perfect colors:


Then I thought: "Hm... what if I choose red color for text in Evernote (Button "A"), write something and then try to paste THE SAME text from Visual Studio."

Since then when pasting there are no colors. I've tried making new note, choose different color in this "A" color button, reopen Evernote. Nothing helps!

The text is just plain black after pasting. Doesn't matter what settings, what text :(

Tried CTRL + Space(Simplify Formatting) - won't do.

So the question is: I just want the colors when pasting text to Evernote. I know Evernote copies not only text, but its formatting too (from browser for example), but sometimes it just won't work and I can't do anything.

What should I do? Please reply.

Evernote version (235205) Public.


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This'll sound like I am crazy, but Firefox is making Evernote this way. May be some of Firefox Add-ons, I don't know. I have only Leachblock, Adblock, Webdeveloper and Firebug.

When I close Firefox, Evernote works perfectly, as soon as I open it, Evernote doesn't remember formatting while copying any text... very strange. If I close Firefox - everything back to normal again. Magic...

On Windows 7 everything is ok even with Firefox.

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It sounds like something is blowing away the HTML data in your clipboard, so you end up copying only the text data. I guess Firefox or one of its add-ons could be doing this, but I haven't heard of anything like that before. If you disable all of your Firefox add-ons, does the problem go away?

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If you disable all of your Firefox add-ons, does the problem go away?

No, it doesn't. After disabling all Add-ons and restarting Firefox, formatting is still screwed. I just use Google Chrome now.

The third-party program ClipSpy can help

Thanks for the advice.

Well, now I use Google Chrome and everything is ok, so I'll leave it that way.

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