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(Archived) REQUEST: Better experience reading and composing notes




First of all, i want to say that Evernote rocks! It's certainly one of the most important apps that i've ever met. The fact is that recently i got contact with some others apps that provided a great experience and i would like to see some of their virtues on Evernote. I really would to read one of my notes in the way the rss are showed in the "Reeder", "readability" or "Flipboard" apps. And would be great to to compose one note in a interface like "ByWord" for mac. My suggestion is that we should see only the doc we are working in when we are in fullscreen. The menu could be hide on the top of the screen making Evernote not only a great place of your documents get stored but a great place to create and reed them too.

For me doesn't make sense to use a application to creat a note that will be stored in evernote, and it would be really great to improve the reading experiênce of reading on it.




Cadu Carvalho

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Hy Jbenson2,

I've never used clearly but it's not the point. I just think that we could improve our reading experience following references like those. Evernote is were i create some notes and store all my documents, but i think i could create many of the documents and read them on it. That's why i was talking about "reeder" "flipboard" "byword"...

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