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How to Manage a Collection of Travel Postcards Using Evernote

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Evernote can take your collection of travel postcards to the next level. You can scan your postcards, tag them by dates or locations and if you ever need to look up the name of the place you remember visiting and picking up a postcard this information can be at your fingertips. Check out my blog post on this topic:http://photouristic.com/how-to-manage-a-collection-of-travel-postcards

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lyuda - You have discovered the beauty of Evernote. I am down to the last few pages of paper in my home, it has "all" been scanned into EN. My total filing system is always with me, on the PC, iPad, or iPhone. As they say, "don't leave home with out it." Regards, and welcome to the forums.

David in Wichita

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The use of search and tags can be very helpful with a large group of postcards in Evernote.

There are many methods that work.

Here is a change that I would do, using a more structured naming convention.

Instead of:

008_Sedona 2002.jpg

010_Hawaii Maui 2002.jpg

019_Hawaii Maui 2002.jpg

023_Los Angeles 2002.jpg

I would use something along these lines:

2002 AZ Sedona buttes and sky postcard.jpg

2002 HI Maui map postcard.jpg

2002 HI Maui sunset and palm trees postcard.jpg

2002 CA Los Angeles skyline postcard.jpg

The wonderful feature of postcards is the picture is usually taken at the best possible moment to capture the beauty of the region. I remember the time I took my kids to Disneyworld and it rained for 4 solid days. I bought a lot of postcards on that trip.

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